Critical Failures

This book really causes mixed emotions. Logically I can tell it is crude and rough and a bit forced, but damn if I didn’t enjoy it anyway. I listened to this as an audiobook, and I found myself laughing out loud on numerous occasions. Even when walking in the street, so in these cases I was laughing in spite of myself. That doesn’t even happen when I’m listening to stand up comedy very often.

That said, while humorous, the humor was crude, immature and in some cases offensive. I guess I’m just an immature geek at heart. I haven’t ever had the opportunity to play D&D myself, but I am familiar with it and have played various fantasy based RPGs, which I wouldn’t say is a requirement for reading this book, but I felt a bit more connected to the story because of it.

I’ve seen some other reviews saying that the main characters in this book are awful people. And I would largely agree, but I suspect that is the point. If we spent the whole book feeling bad for them, I think it would change the feel of the book to something other than what the author was going for.

So, quality literature this book is not, but it excels at what it is, and I definitely enjoyed it. And that is how I rate books, based on my enjoyment of them.

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