Not Just Mustaches

I wanted to write a bit about my Movember efforts this year. I did not, as in the past two years, shave my beard and grow just a mustache this month. I technically have a mustache, but I’m not sure that gets me any points in that category. I’m not sitting idle, however. Quite the opposite. Starting in September, I was working on my Movember efforts, even getting an email from the team asking me what I was up to creating an event so far in advance.

That event is on my profile, it’s called the Swamp of Despair D&D One-shot. And if you are not one of the fifteen amazing people to get a chance to participate this year, you may not fully understand what goes into making this event happen. This isn’t just a bunch of people hanging out virtually and playing a game, although it is very much that as well. As I mentioned, I had been working on this for a couple of months. Creating not just a storyline and plot for an adventure, but creating maps, designing encounters, and breathing life into over twenty supporting characters that may never even be seen or heard. Oh, and building a website to provide information and assist with scheduling. It was well over 100 hours, not including the total of ~15 hours playing the games.

I’m not complaining or looking for sympathy or pity, but I am explaining and looking for support. Support for a good cause. A cause that doesn’t need a patchy mustache to deserve our attention. My salt and paprika beard and mustache will have to suffice. So join me for a real adventure of helping out.

Oh, and if you don’t think a D&D one-shot is for you, to quote someone who played for the first time this year, “it is just a bunch of people hanging out and playing make-believe.” Come believe with us. It doesn’t need to be limited to November.

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