Advent of Code 2018

Just what I need leading up to Christmas, typically one of the more stressful times of the year: a month long programming challenge.

As the name suggests Advent of Code is a countdown to Christmas with new coding challenges each day. From what I’ve seen, the challenges are reimiscent of the ones I saw competing in the International Collegiate Programming Contest. Although you aren’t as restricted in terms of language, reference material, etc.

Because of that, I’ve taken it upon myself to not just attempt to solve the problems from the competition, but to do so using a host of different programming languages. It will either be a fun, rewarding challenge, or it will drive me nuts. I’ve already spent more time than I would have liked installing a few extra compilers.

I probably won’t write about this on here again until the end, but I do plan on tracking my solutions and maybe some of the frustrations encountered in my adventofcode-2018 repository.

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